Regional Evaluation Strategy - Updates

Engaging parliamentarians for demand and use of evaluation


OECD/DAC Criteria Brochure for Parliamentarians A series of brochures on the OECD/DAC criteria has been published by Asia Pacific Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation. The purpose of the brochures is to help Parliamentarians on how to use OECD/DAC criteria for asking right questions about development interventions in the Parliament debates. Here is the brochure package in several language versions:

  • English Version:

First Brochure: Relevance

Second Brochure: Effectiveness

Third Brochure: Efficiency

Fourth Brochure: Impact

Fifth Brochure: Sustainability

Sixth Brochure: Coherence 



  • Tamil Version:

First Brochure: Relevance - Tamil

Second Brochure: Effectiveness - Tamil

Third Brochure: Efficiency - Tamil

Fourth Brochure: Impact - Tamil

Fifth Brochure: Sustainability - Tamil

Sixth Brochure: Coherence - Tamil



  • Sinhala Version:

First Brochure: Relevance - Sinhala

Second Brochure: Effectiveness - Sinhala

Third Brochure: Efficiency - Sinhala

Fourth Brochure: Impact - Sinhala

Fifth Brochure: Sustainability - Sinhala

Sixth Brochure: Coherence - Sinhala 



  • Malay Version:

First Brochure: Relevance - Malay

Second Brochure: Effectiveness - Malay