EvalYouth's Regional Chapter for the Asia Pacific Region

EvalYouth Asia (EYA) was recently established in December 2019 and is an evaluation initiative that aims to promote youth involvement in evaluations and to capacitate & empower Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs) across the Asia Pacific region.


The Second Asia Pacific Virtual Winter School 2021 for Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs)

After successfully completing the first-ever Virtual Winter School for YEEs in March 2021, the second Asia Pacific Virtual Winter School 2021 for Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEEs) was held from 17-19 December 2021. This was organized by Asia Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA) in partnership with EvalYouth Asia (EYA), Evalyouth Global, United Nations Population Fund. Sri Lanka Evaluation Association (SLEvA), Evaluation Community of India (ECOI), EvalYouth Sri Lanka, EvalYouth India, EvalYouth Afghanistan, EvalYouth Pakistan,EvalYouth Nepal, EvalYouth Bhutan Evalyouth Philippines, Evalyouth Indonesia, EvalYouth Pacific and the Center for Evaluation at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. The Winter School for YEEs was part of an activity in the Asia Pacific Regional Evaluation Strategy, specifically under the theme of Promoting Young and Emerging Evaluators in the Asia Pacific region. The purpose of the Asia Pacific Winter School was to provide an opportunity for YEEs in the Asia Pacific to become competent, experienced and well-networked professionals who contribute to evaluation capacity at national, regional and international levels in future.


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