Webinar Series

Webinar Series on ‘’implications of the pandemic for rethinking evaluation competencies’’

The Evaluation Centre for Complex Health Interventions at the University of Toronto in partnership with the Asia Pacific Evaluation Association organized three webinars to discuss the implications of the pandemic for rethinking evaluation competencies. With the emergence of the pandemic, the last 18 months have seen a period in which we have had to rethink interventions, how they work, and how best we can explore if they work.

Webinar 1

Rethinking Evaluator Competencies in an Age of Discontinuity: Evaluation’s Response to the Pandemic
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Webinar 2

Rethinking Evaluation Criteria at the Policy Level: Implications of Inequities and Sustainability for Training Policy Evaluators
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Webinar 3

Models of Evaluation Training for Evaluators for 2021
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