SLEvA Webinars

SLEvA webinars in partnership with APEA

Sri Lanka Evaluation Association (SLEvA) partnered with APEA for conducting a monthly webinar series since December 2019.


The completed webinars are available on YouTube.

Webinar on ‘Strengthening National Capacities on Evaluation’

Webinar on ‘Strengthening use of M&E information and evidence for decision making in Uganda’

Webinar on ‘The Experience of South Africa's National Evaluation System’

Webinar on ‘’As Evaluators, do we have the ability to contribute to sustainable development?”

Webinar on ‘Case study on the Rathugala non-commercialized indigenous community of Sri Lanka'

Webinar on ‘The COVID-19 Pandemic From the Perspectives of the Vulnerable Segments’

Webinar on ‘Doing No Harm in Evaluation: Promoting Ethics and Maximizing Good’

Webinar on ‘The Current State of African VOPEs

Making Community Participation Meaningful; Lessons from EMpowers’s Covid In Her Report

Empowering Children Through Monitoring and Evaluation

Tips and Tricks to Land a M&E Job

Launch of Career Resource Hub for YEEs

Letting Children Take the Lead in M&E: A Comprehensive Experience from Cambodia

Data Governance Quality Index: Creating Pathways for Ushering in GovTech 3.0 to Transform Evidence-Based Policymaking

Remote Evaluations in Contexts of Fragility and Prolonged Crises

EAB webinars in partnership with APEA

Fostering Evaluation Ecosystem Case of Bhutan