Asia-Pacific Evaluation Landscapes

Webinar Series: Asia-Pacific Evaluation Landscapes

The promoting NEPS theme group of APEA has regularly conducted activities to further the understanding of NEPS in the region by documenting status, hosting webinars to portray best practices, and holding annual dialogues to share and learn from. Continuing this, the theme group presents the NEPS Webinar Series 2024 to understand NEPS in different countries in the region.

The book “Institutionalisation of Evaluation in Asia Pacific” recently came out, which documents cases of 11 countries and two multilateral agencies. While some of these countries have previously presented their status in different fora organized by this theme, others have not been discussed earlier. The book also covers more in-depth documentation than the data collected through NEPS surveys, presenting more nuanced findings. It is essential to present these findings to a broader audience and promote cross-learning. With this intention, this webinar series plans to invite authors of the book chapters on different countries to present.

A total of 3 webinars are proposed to be held over the year 2024, with three countries presenting at a time in a one-and-a-half (90 minutes) session. These webinars will be branded as the Asia-Pacific Evaluation Landscapes Webinar Series 2024. Each webinar will present the respective country chapters from the book, followed by a short discussion. A richer understanding of each country’s unique journey is expected to be developed. By learning from each other, VOPEs from each country can take small but crucial steps to institutionalize NEPS further in their country.

First Asia-Pacific Evaluation Landscapes webinar series: NEPS in Australia, Nepal, and Japan