The organization is reaching out to all Asia Pacific member countries and inviting existing associations and groups to join APEA for a strengthened regional body.

General Guidelines for APEA Membership Application

  1. APEA membership is meant only for national level evaluation representative body such as an evaluation society. If you are a country with sub-regional evaluation entities, then you may form a national evaluation association where all sub-regional entities/societies become members of the national association.A truly representative national evaluation body should have appropriate representation by sub-region (state/provinces), occupation/functional (gov’t, private sector, NGOs, academia etc.), and number of members (recommended at least 10 members or more).
  2. As a first step to form a national evaluation body, please check locally to ensure that there are no existing evaluation body in your country.If there is one, then you should make contact with them to see how you can join their organization.APEA does not encourage more than one national level evaluation body.Sub-regional evaluation bodies are encouraged as in step 1 above.
  3. If there is no existing national evaluation body, you may then form a national evaluation society and/or group.
  4. A truly national level evaluation body should be well represented by spatial, functional, and numerical aspects.It should have representatives from at least 60% of the total sub-regional states/provinces in the country. Such a national level evaluation body should have at least 10 members comprising representatives from all sectors (govt, private, civil society, academia, donors, etc.).
  5. Have the proposed body registered with the government agency responsible for NGO registration (register as a NGO). The steps and procedures for this will differ from country to country. Essentially, you should have a formal registration certificate or other forms of formal identification which would also entitle you to open an official bank account.
  6. If you cannot register yourself with government for whatever reason, then please form one of the following: (Informal network, Grouping, or Community)
    The only difference between a formal national evaluation society and one of the above entities is that the former is a legal entity and is recognized by the government while the latter are not a formal entity recognized by government legal provisions. This may vary from country to country.
  7. All non-government registered VoPEs (networks, groups, community) should meet with the following requirements:
    • Have a formal constitution and/or by-laws, or in house rules to govern its operations and succession.

    • Have a Board or management committee to manage its operations;

    • Have a formal register/list of members and details;

    • Have a code of ethics for its members );

    • Have a budget for its operations (, derived from all sources including contributions from members, etc.);

    • Hold Board elections on an basis;
  8. Complete the APEA membership form (attached with this guideline)
  9. Submit the form with a cover note [letter of application stating why and how your membership can add value to the organization] to the APEA Secretary at
  10. Wait for the APEA Board to approve the membership.
  11. Once approved, APEA Secretariat will send a formal acceptance as member of APEA and will issue an invoice to be paid. Once paid, membership is confirmed.

For individuals or organizations who wishes to become part of APEA but are having difficulties or have further queries on APEA membership requirements, email

Membership Fees


For Developed Countries
General: 25 USD
Associate: 30 USD
Corporate: 100 USD
For Developing Countries:
General: 10 USD
Associate: 15 USD
Corporate: 50 USD


​​For Developed Countries
General: 100 USD
Associate: 150 USD
Corporate: 200 USD
For Developing Countries:
General: 50 USD
Associate: 60 USD
Corporate: 100 USD


Access the membership application files through the Google Drive link provided below!

  • General Guidelines for APEA Membership Application
  • APEA Membership Application Form

  • Sample Letter of Intent